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Headshots and Resume

Headshot and Resume: Welcome

Morgan Kaileigh

New Media

“Quarantined: Real Life Edition” Supporting Role McMurphy Productions


Carrie: the Musical

Carrie White

Main Street Theatre Company

Dir. Stephanie Platko

It’s a Wonderful Life

Young Mary

Main Street Theatre Company

Dir. Kevin Guenther, Dawn Fulbrook

Fairleigh Dickinson University



Dir. Stephen Hollis

Legally Blonde


Dir. Cynthia Thole

Steel Magnolias


Dir. Carole Healey

Avenue Q

Mrs. Thistletwat, Lucy u/s

Dir. Cynthia Thole

Sister Act

Michelle/ Nun Ensemble

Dir. Stephen Hollis


Acting: Stacie Lents, Kristin Lazzarini Fairleigh Dickinson University

Dance: Cynthia Thole, Carol Bentley Fairleigh Dickinson University

Voice: Martin Hurt, Shane Tapley Fairleigh Dickinson University

Speech: Amy Morrison, Carole Healey Fairleigh Dickinson University

Special Skills

Valid Drivers License, limited flying experience, beginner puppeteering, dance: ballet (2 years), jazz (2 years), musical theatre (4 years), intermediate piano, beginning guitar, proficient in sight singing, basic photoshop/graphic design skills, dialects: British RP, high southern, Appalacian.

Headshot and Resume: Text
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